How Long Should Your Video Be


How long should my video be? is a big question people ask a lot of times and it really depends on what the goal of the video is.  Yes, people have a short attention span.  Take a look into your niche.  Look at what other folks are doing in your marketplace. Go to YouTube and see what the average length of the video is in your niche.

Now if we’re talking specifically about a website video whose main purpose would be to convert website visitors to the business’ most wanted response (phone call, email opt in, etc), you’re probably going to want to go with the shorter video, right?  Again, what is the goal of the video?

Testing Different Video Lengths

Don’t be afraid to test different time lengths of videos to see exactly what kind of engagement metrics you get back through your video insights provided for you in your YouTube channel back office. This will make it easier for you to see what time length is most effective.

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