Pay Per Click

When you hear the words Pay Per Click Marketing, really what you’re hearing is how you’ll be paying for this sort of marketing… you literally “Pay for every click” – a click in this case is  a website visitor.

This strategy remains very popular and has continued to grow in new directions over the last few years. It used to be that if you were running a pay per click marketing campaign you were doing it on the search engines, ie., or Well, with so much happening in the Social Media world you can now run PPC campaigns on Faceboo, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Here are a some examples of what pay per click ads look like and where you can find them…

One reason this strategy is so attractive is simply the speed. Anyone can sign up for an account (none of the search engines or social sites charge money to do this) and start spending money to advertise.  On the search engines you’ll be targeting keywords and when you’re advertising on the social sites you’ll be targeting markets based on demographics. Either way, you can be advertising in a very short period of time and be able to place targeted ads in front of a highly targeted market!

So how much can you expect to pay per click? Well, that depends on A LOT of variables. Most importantly, the competitive nature of your niche. In addition, there are metrics that also effect cost including click-through-rate, conversion rate and quality score (to name a few). There are many moving parts to campaign optimization within the paid marketing space that must be handled to reach maximize the return on investment (ROI).

Now, the thought of paying per click might be frightening to some, but like any other marketing, it’s simply a matter of making the numbers work. And that is why having a professional person or firm that is certified is so important when you’re utilizing this strategy. Because Pay Per Click is a paid strategy it becomes even more important to analyze your ads, the web page you’re sending the web visitor to and what your call to action is when the web visitor lands on your site.  You don’t want to cut any corners or take any short cuts when you’re running paid marketing campaigns like Pay Per Click.

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