Google Tags Officially Retired From Google Places


It wasn’t long ago that Google decided to test “Google Tags” for local results. This was a very inexpensive way for business owners to gain additional exposure on maps and local search. Businesses could pay a flat monthly fee and in return get a yellow tag next to their organic places listings that showcased offers, photo, menus, reservations, and videos. Well, Google officially announced that they are discontinuing this service to the local marketers on the web.  On April 29, 2011 Google tags will be toast.

So what does this mean for local business owners that were using Google Tags? Those businesses that were using Google Tags are likely to see a dip in their action. How big of a dip? Well, that really depends on the competitive nature of your niche and also how many other businesses in your niche were also using Google Tags. Part of the problem facing Google is that this service was extremely affordable to local business owners and as time goes on the market would likely become more and more saturated with these little yellow tags everywhere. The effectiveness all around would drop – because everyone’s doing it. Regardless of how we feel or what we think, Google has made the executive decision to discontinue this local marketing tool.

If you’d still like to gain some extra exposure with your Google Places listing you might want to try Google Boost, another paid program that Google offers.

We’re sad to see the Google Tags program go, it was a great, low cost strategy for local business owners. But as you already know, we must remain agile in this online marketplace and continue to test and try new strategies, because you never know when Google is going to ‘up’ and make a change! Until next time.  And remember…  Stay on your toes!

Were you using Google Tags for your local business? If so, will you be utilizing Google Boost now instead?

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