Are You Testing and Tracking Your Marketing?

Testing and tracking your marketing performance might sound like a lot of work, but the time and energy you put into this one piece of your marketing plan is worth its weight in GOLD. In fact, it might just be the difference between winning and losing in your local marketplace. Here’s the deal, how do you know how well something is working if you don’t track it?

Most companies either don’t know, don’t care or don’t bother testing and tracking campaign performance. The irony of this reality is that local business owners are always interested in making their dollars stretch farther but don’t take advantage of this proven method for increasing ROI (aka saving your business money)…hmmmm?? (head scratch).

Certainly, it can get expensive to have two totally different print brochures—and track their effectiveness—but it is much simpler in the online world. You can very easily create two landing pages with different headlines or offers and see which is delivering better results. If you remember back to science class in High School, you would look to create a control and then continue to test and try to beat the control. It’s the same exact thing here with marketing. You find an offer that works and then tweak small aspects to improve conversions. Testing is not hard, and tracking has become even easier with tools like Google Analytics, ClickTale, and countless other tracking tools

There are endless aspects of your marketing that you can test and track. Here are just a few for starters, colors, designs, bold, italics, images, headlines, sub-headlines, and your call to action. You may be surprised to see that just one word can make all the difference…but you’ll never know until you test.

If you’re NOT a DIY-er and want help managing your local marketing efforts, including testing and tracking your campaign then contact the Cogent Marketing Team today, we can help.

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