Why Landing Pages Are Key To Effective Online Marketing

Good Landing Pages are highly profitableIf you want better lead generation and a whole boatload of qualified leads at that, you’re going to want a great landing page.

Seems obvious, right? The problem is most small business marketers often take the landing page for granted and spend more time and money on all of the other bells and whistles – things like PPC ads, social media and email marketing. Yes, all of those things are essential too – but if the end result is a potential lead that doesn’t convert, it’s literally a waste. How does that happen, you ask…

Well by far the most common mistake we see out when talking to business owners and entrepreneurs about their online marketing campaigns, they are typically driving most of their traffic to their home page.

This is dangerous…

Landing pages are all about getting a great return on investment – and converting visitors into real and potentially profitable leads and customers. More often than not, when it turns out that a company isn’t converting their traffic, it’s because their landing pages are poor or non-existent.

So, just why are landing pages so important?

For starters, their sole focus is to convert interested page visitors into leads. This is an extremely important point to understand. Instead of overwhelming the visitor with a full company homepage, a landing page is about one thing – either:

  1. asking for contact information in exchange for a free report or free white paper or free software download or a product demonstration,
  2. asking for a phone call to schedule an appointment and begin the sales process or
  3. to get your landing page visitor to buy what you’re offering specifically to help solve whatever obstacle they are battling.

A landing page pulls in more conversions because it’s so specific – its purpose is to entice visitors to act on something. Linking to a big company homepage, on the other hand, is asking the visitors to do all of the work themselves. Homepages have more links and more distractions and puts the burden on the visitor to figure out what it is they need to do next. Typically, this leads to a potential prospect, customer, client or patient hitting the “back button” on their browser to try to find someone else who better understands their current issue, obstacle, frustration, what have you.

Landing pages, on the flipside, hold the visitor’s hand and walk them through a very simple process. The result is more conversions.

Good performing landing pages can also cut down on overall advertising costs too. How you may ask?

Simple…by monetizing more visits into actual sales revenue, costs are cut naturally. And, more revenue means extra resources for PPC ads, SEO, social media outreach and more.

Bottom Line, don’t skip the landing page part when you’re working on any lead generation campaign. Landing pages convert, plain and simple. That’s what their designed to do.

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