Is Google Panda Update 3.4 Hurting Your Rankings?

google panda update 4.3

Business websites drop in rank after latest Google Panda update

The latest Google Panda Update has been carried out via Twitter on March 23rd 2012. If you have suddenly witnessed a drop in your website ranking on the giant search engine then you can safely conclude that it is because of the new Google Panda Update 3.4. On every occasion when Google Updates their algorithm like this, there is typically a significant effect on website rankings across the globe.

Google Panda is an algorithm that was first developed in February 2011 when the search results were being dominated by websites and blogs that had too much spammy content. The focus of Google has always been on websites with unique and high quality content, something that is of value to customers. However, what the first Google Panda Update had shown was that websites with too many advertisements and the likes were also severely affected. Websites and businesses were quick to realize how important it is to offer good quality content to customers in order to earn a better ranking.

The new Google Panda Update 3.4 comes in quick succession of the preceding Google Panda Update 3.3 that was rolled out in February. Why Google would opt for an update in such a short span of time is unclear as of now but it has affected many sites all around. Some insurance comparison sites that had a first page ranking have been shifted to the 4th or 5th page and it is not restricted to the finance sector. Several blogs and websites of companies from various industry segments are likely to suffer. Officially, Google has claimed that the latest Panda Update 3.4 would only affect 1.6% of queries but considering the volume of searches everyday and the gamut of content and sites we have today, the 1.6% that would be affected would have serious problems with the search page ranking.

Expect for Google to continue updates in the future. There have been many complaints that with these many updates it is hard to keep on top of search rankings from a technical SEO perspective. With upcoming Google Panda Updates it is quite possible that traditional SEO methods may have to change favoring a more quality content rich format, rather than the traditional SEO methods which have been tried, tested and true for years.

The best way to deal with the threats posed by the new Google Panda Update 3.4 would be to learn what Google is rewarding and what they are not encouraging. Advertisements and vague content is what Google is discouraging as of now with the new developments in the algorithm.

If your website has suffered a drop in the ranking and search results, it may be wise to revisit the site and look out for areas of improvement and some fine tweaking here and there. It’s important to have someone that keeps a pulse on these changes. We handle all of the necessary adjustments to comply with Google changes providing ongoing monitoring and adjustments for all of our clients here at Cogent Marketing. If you have a marketing company, be sure to ask about the Panda 4.3 Update.  If you’re not monitoring your site and how Google Panda is affecting your site, get in touch with us, we can help make sure you’re making the proper adjustments to keep Google happy.

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