Increase Visibility For Your Local Business

Visibility is being in more than one place, it means your prospect can see you and most importantly, visibility is a key part of every successful business.   But what does Visibility mean in today’s business world and what does it mean for your local business? Well, let me ask you a few quick questions and I want you to answer truthfully.  Do you have a website?  If you search for your company name on Google does your company website show up as the first result? Does your website show up in the top 10 results when you search on Google for terms related to your business? Are your maps listings claimed? Do you get 5 or more customers from your website each month? Do you have a Facebook Business Fan Page? You’re probably starting to get the point.

There are multiple ways to connect with your target market online and offline and both strategies are valuable. But with the continued growth of the Internet and because the Internet has become the most popular tool our society uses to find the answers to every problem we have, it has quickly become an integral part of ‘business success’ in today’s marketplace. All businesses, large, small, International or local are asking the important question, “Can our target market find us on the Internet?”.Well, what’s your answer?

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