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Here’s what you get with our citation campaign service:

  • We make sure you’re listed in the most widely utilized and reputable directories.
  • We make certain that you’re listed in the appropriate industry and regional directories.
  • We double-check that all of the information about your company is correct in the areas where it is listed. One customer we worked with had 26 locations, but roughly ten times as many variants in names and addresses!
  • We’ll include a description and logo of your company when possible so that individuals who see it get a consistent message and impression.
  • We’ll also inevitably find your company featured in locations you weren’t aware of. Duplicate listings, unrecognized YouTube channels, unclaimed Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, and so forth are examples. You may not have set them up, but a lot of these items are populated by computer systems that search the internet for business listings.
  • When we identify those sites, we examine them to see if they are of good quality. If not, we will make every effort to have it removed. If the listing is of sufficient quality, we will claim it and ensure that the information is current.
  • You’ll get a record of all the places we found your business listed, what we did to fix / claim / remove the listing, and its status at the time we stopped at the end of the campaign.
  • If there are any consumer reviews, we take note of them as well.
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